Fire One Up!

Press record on your phone, webcam, or SLR, and tell us a story. We like them to be true and we love it when they're about YOU or someone you know. Try to keep your story to 2.5 mins or less. Send us a few takes if you like. We love rehearsals.

Email us a Vimeo link, or upload to Dropbox. If that's tough, send us an S.O.S. and we'll solve your problems!

To thank you for sharing your story, we'll send you a ONEFIVEOH patch -- the most sought after patch in all the land! Spread the word and get three friends to submit their stories, and we'll make you part of the EH TEAM with a white hot Ambassador patch!

Rock it like a Mountie

We'll post your stories around our online campfire, and as you vote up your favourites, we'll partner them with artists you love, to help turn your stories into works of art. In 2017, a collection of these stories will air on small and large screens across the country.

So, let's get this party started!